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We love the Royal Mail Simply Drop site!!  It’s one of the most useable sites out there, great prices are offered if you want to sell your old mobile phone, and they’ll even send out an envelope to you, you simply have to fill out the form on their site.

The Royal Mail Simply Drop service also gives you the opportunity to recycle digital cameras and MP3 players.  This service also offers you the opportunity to take the money for yourself or donate it to one of their 5 chosen charities.

The process works like most others, in that you get your item values, send over the item and the reward is dispatched.  The service eas orginally trialled in the London area only, however it was such as success that the service is now being trialled nationwide.   So no matter where you are, the Royal Mail Simply Drop recycling service is there for yoU!

If you’ve used the Royal Mail Simply Drop service then please leave a review and/or rate below.

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26 Responses to “Royal Mail”
  1. Glen Robins says:

    DO NOT USE SIMPLY DROP – Bunch of Con Artists – I sent a fully functional hardly used Nokia, bubble wrapped and when it arrived thet emailed me to say thet were going to pay £0 . YES ZERO POUNDS !!! It had been damaged by Royal Mail on delivery to them ( the corner had been cracked) They never accepted liability for the damage and took 4 weeks to return the phone ….. absolute shambles !!!!

  2. LouWal says:

    DO NOT USE – I LOVE how this site has the old ones 1st so nobody can see the more recent ones – wish I had scrolled all the way down!!!!!
    I put my phone in on the 19th August 2012, and I have recieved an email today 05/09 to advise that I will be recieving £70 less then that was offered for my 18 Month Old Iphone 4, due to cosmetic damage, when I sent the phone, it was perfect, it was in great condition – Ive had a case on it since the day I got it. They are con people, when I emailed them to ask why as this isnt fair, they advised they also took money off for sim locked phones?? WHAAAAT!? I have used numerous sites over the years, never had this problem??? CON MEN PLEASE PLEASE STEER CLEAR. Ive never recieved such bad customer service, we need to make sure that you dont use them!!!!!!!! Blagged their way into giving me £70 less than they offered me – I also sent via special delivery too, so it would have got their in PERFECT condition, as it was. I was actually offered more from a friend then what im getting now.

  3. Rachel Adams says:

    Do not waste your time and effort on Simply Drop. Its no wonder the Royal Mail is going down the pan!! I sent a perfect Iphone 4 and I mean perfect but it was used so opted to list it as good grading for £217. I sent via special delivery to ensure they got it in the same condition I sent it. They did indeed get it the next day however took 3 weeks to even check it over and then they knocked the price down to £175 saying it was in poor condition contary to spending its life covered top to tail in zag protectors and inside a case. I couldnt be bothered with the hassle to recover the phone so accepted their offer of £175 to which Im still waiting for. The only reason I sent to simply drop is because its advertised as Royal Mail. I urge anybody considering using this service to seriously give them a wide berth. I have used other services in the past to recover funds from upgraded mobile phones with no hitches and certainly no blagging to reduce what they pay. Absolutely shocking recycle site. Please steer clear of them!!

  4. Dissapointed says:

    Avoid at all costs!!!! Sent my iPhone 4 in perfect working order without a scratch and apparently it’s in “poor condition” I shall be contacting office of fair trading and I bet I won’t be the 1st!!!!

  5. simonB says:

    Do not use this company under any circumstances. Aviod aviod aviod.

    Complete con. Quote high price to get you in then make up excuses and offer you a much lower pathetic price. They offered £217 for a iphone 16g. My phone was excellent condition but they said it was poor. Total crap. They provide no telephone number and took 7 days from receiving phone via special delivery to confirm lower price. You can only accept online and there is no rejection option. Had to email them a complaint email requesting return of phone or pay the £217. They are a total disgrace and just looking to rip people off once they have a phone.

    Who knows when phone will turn up and what they have done to it. Do not go near them!!!!

  6. annoyed says:

    I am so angry. I was quoted 220 for my iphone 4 and thought great, saves me hassle of selling it privately and better than mazuma etc
    I bought the handset in the apple shop factory unlocked and have used two different network sims.
    This morning i received an email (over a week since i posted them) to say they were knocking £30 off the price as it was network locked…. wtf?! Lying eejits!! I sent an email back saying this was a load of nonsense and asked them to check again as described what the phone looked like as there were a couple light marks and could have possibly been mixed up. They said hey had tested it and had tested it twice before that which is the biggest pile of bull because phones bought from apple are not network locked.
    They are supposidly sending the handset back to me, but haven sent a couple of cheeky emails i dont think i’ll get them very soon or at all.
    The service is a disgrace. They offer one price to get your phone, then offer a different one in hope that you’ll give in and accept a lower price. They offered another £10 for the complaint and fair enough in the end its only 20 im losing out on but its the principal of it. There is nothing wrong with the handset and i will not accept being scammed. Avoid like the plague, disgraceful esp from royal mail

  7. Jason says:

    traded in a desire HD – they took £30 off the price as it wasn’t “fully functional”.

    I look after my stuff like nobody else – the phone was in an otterbox case from day one and I make approx 2 calls a month.

    it was spotless and worked perfectly.

    Scammers just about covers it !

    AVOID !!!!!!

  8. Andrew K says:

    Terrible company. I sent a HTC Sensation XE to be sold for £158.00. I was told that the phone sent was a Sensation and they would only pay £115.00. Despite Showing them IMEI number on the box they still refused to pay and even stated that the phone I sent was damaged…What Rubbish.. if they can pick up a small scratch on the glass why cant they see beats logo and bright red grill associated with phone being an XE.
    No payment recieved after 2 weeks either.
    Very poor customer service and you can only contact them by email and no one to complain to.
    Thought I would use due to the Royal Mail branding but whatever you do DO NOT TRUST….liars, scammers and thieves.

  9. Gary C says:

    Awful service. Avoid like the plague. IF you were considering using these charlatans, dont.

    I sent a 1 month old HTC Sensation XE to them (recorded post).
    At first they couldn’t find it, then once I’d provided delivery details it – surprise surprise – turned up.

    They then contacted me to claim that my phone was a different model and in poor condition.
    I have snet them the delivery note from HTC and a shot of the box, all showing model, IMEI number etc and yet they are still refusing to pay me my money. I’ve used other services in the past with no issue – this is by far and away the worst company I have EVER dealt with.

  10. Jamie says:

    Sold my iPhone 4 with Simply drop, was offered £241 including £3 for the original headphones.

    Received their envelope within a few days, I bubble wrapped the phone, put it in a special electronics padded envelope and then put it in theirs, so well packaged, I put the headphones inside the electronics envelope too.

    The phone was in great condition, no marks or anything, I cleaned it up a bit but probably should have cleaned it a bit more because they came back and said the condition was average and that I hadn’t included the headphones, I sent it back special delivery at my own cost… took them a week after receiving to come back me!

    I was pretty annoyed by this as I knew they were lies. I too had gone for Simply Drop as they were part of Royal Mail so hoped they would be more trustworthy after reading some troubling reviews of similar services.

    So they offered me £201, which wasn’t too bad but I was annoyed they said the headphones weren’t in there. I looked at their condition details and beware, their good condition prices will only be paid if the phone basically hasn’t been used…..who would just keep a phone around a not use it!

    My complain got them to bump the price a little to £210 which I accepted. I got my money by the slightly odd text code option, I then collected the cash from the post office…..this took about ten minutes for the person to process as the post office don’t seem to fully train their staff with all these new services that the post office offers!

    So….I would say the service is “ok”….just don’t expect Simply Drop to be any more trustworthy than other companies.

  11. Andrew says:

    Very very poor. Sent sensation xe for£158.00 only to be told that phone was only a sensation and would only be worth £115.00. Offered to send imei number to them to check but I’ve not received a reply. You can only contact these people by email and they never respond. Do not trust this company, you will lose money

  12. Mandy says:

    Hi there,

    I’m also having problems in being paid, emails are becoming laborious and inevitably still no payment. I’ve found the following telephone number, however O2 answer the calls 0845 505 0188

    Does anyone have the correct number or advise to bring this matter to an end.

    Thank you

  13. Steven says:

    Avoid this company like the plague. Sent an Iphone 4 in excellent condition was quoted £243 they paid £161 because the phone was not in grade A condition. Scammers

  14. Nathan says:

    Please please do not use simply drop they are the worst company I have felt with in my life the didn’t ask for my charger or earphones and tryed nocking mony off for that then said my phone does not work and they would only give me a quarter of the money for it a total con and they had my phone for agers before I got it back to sell it to a propper phone recycle company

  15. Vince says:

    Brilliant. Posted Friday (guaranteed delivery for Monday). E-Mail to say phone checked and ok on Tuesday, money in my paypal account the next day. Great price as well.

  16. Connie hall says:

    I Sent my samsung galaxy S of to them two weeks ago and i have still not recieved my payment! I have tried getting in touch with them for just over a week now and i haven’t had anything of them. They say on the website were it says “track your items” i out in my reference number and stuff and they say they have recieved it a couple of days after! Can anyone let me now how to contact them on a different number or email or please can someone help me out because i dont now what to do.

  17. Rob says:

    Terrible !! Never been so appalled in all my life….

    I sent two brand new iPhone 4’s to simply drop which were both on the vodafone network I then got an email saying there cannot appect them because there not sim
    Unlocked or on a uk network, erm hang on a minute there on vodaphone !! So after spending money on special delivery and a envelope ( as never recieved original ) I’m still waiting to hear were my phones are?!!!! There is a number on the website but when u ring it says ring another number which when u do it’s an automated system telling you to leave your number and there will call u back ( I’m still waiting over a week ) and do not reply to your emails !!! Keep clear, I’m
    Complaing to office of fair trading, DO NOT SEND TO THEM !! Pure 100% con

  18. Gemma says:

    Sent my Iphone 4 to the Simply Drop service on Tuesday, they confirmed receipt on Thursday and today (Friday) I have received my paypal payment! No problems what so ever and over £60 better than the likes of Mazuma/ Envirophone etc! Definitely use again and recommend to others 100%

  19. Gavin says:

    Terrible service. The site valued the phones at £90, I received £12 with no explanation as to why. The site has ignored every attempt that I have made to contact them.

  20. Yaz says:

    Sent my phone over 2 weeks ago and theyve said they still have not recieved.
    I luckily took the IMEI number as this was the 1st thing they asked for..

    Shoddy so far!! I only done it with them as it was ROYAL MAIL and i thought they could be trusted!

  21. Mark C.O'Flaherty says:

    I sent an iPhone 3G to them in perfect working order… I’d assumed they wouldn’t be shonky because of the Royal Mail affiliation but, surprise surprise, I received notification of receipt of the phone and that it is ‘not working’ so the original £115 offer was knocked down to £55. I’ve been out of the country trying to email them, and 12 emails have bounced, across the two different ‘queries’ and ‘query’ email addresses they have given out. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt (the phone could have been damaged in transit), the lack of communication is pitiful and tedious. I’ll be calling them as soon as I’m back in the UK. And claiming on the postal insurance, of course… So one way or the other, the Royal Mail is paying. But really, I’d advise anyone to just sell an iPhone on eBay (using all the sensible precautions to avoid dodgy buyers) rather than use Simply Drop or indeed – judging by feedback on other websites – any of the phone recyclers…

  22. Jon Jackson says:

    Took a while to deliver the phone but super happy with the price and service.

  23. recycle phone says:

    You’re quite right not sure how we missed updating the info here on Simply Drop. They trialed originally in London then went nationwide shortly after. thanks for reminding us it’s now updated!

  24. Simon says:

    Hi there you say “Note that the service is still being trialled and is only available right now in the London area, so if you’re looking to sell your old mobile phone and are not located in London, try one of the other services.”

    However that is not the case. Simply Drop send out a free envelope no matter where you are in the UK. I wonder why you would have said that…

  25. Brian Hiscox says:

    Yep, used Royal mail Simply drop service, it took a few days to get the cash in the end but I would recommend the service. Managed to get nearly £90 for my old Nokia N95 so very happy!!

  26. Dave T says:

    Yes, great service and good price. Very happy.

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