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Money 4 UR Mobile is a reputable mobile phone recycling company and has a TV advert and everything! They offer the exact same service as all the other companies, a secure server and looks to be a fairly trustworthy site.

Although prices paid for old mobiles are reasonable, we hope that the service levels are better that the website search function. At the time of writing this page a basic search for the popular ‘nokia n95’ delivered no results. The site is rather flashy so definitely a case of fun over function, but nonetheless you should definitely consider Money 4 UR Mobile for selling your old mobile phone.

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5 Responses to “Money 4 Ur Mobile”
  1. K Smyth says:

    Avoid this company as it is obviously a scam. I sent my phone which was in brand new condiion & heard nothing for weeks. I emailed them twice & finally got a text telling me they were reducing the price as there was cosmetic damage & the volume button wasn’t working. This is rubbish as the phone never had a single mark on it & was in perfect working order. This is obviously a scam. Avoid like the plague. I wish I had read the reviews before sending my phone to these con merchants.

  2. P Kanlayanukul says:

    I have had exactly the same problem with this company. Almost identical to the story of Mr D Magner. Under any circumstances please refrain from using this company. It is clear they are ripping people off. I will be making a complaint to trading standards. So many people cant all be wrong!

  3. Lucy Margetts says:

    I was quoted £66 for my Nokia E71 which was almost brand new. I didn’t receive the money and when I phoned they gave me exactly the same story as the previous complainant above(B. Ellis)
    Water damaged and had been processed so no return possible.
    Looks like a scam to me and I will be taking further action against this company.

  4. B Ellis says:

    I was quoted 32 pound for my sony ericsoon W595 which was in perfect condition. When I didn’t receive anything after 6 days I checked my emails to find a message from money 4ur mobile saying, thank you for sending us your phone and it was been recycled level 5 0.00. I emailed them to find out what was going on and got a reply saying that when they tested the phone the red light came on indicating water damage and they don’t pay for phones with such damage. I emailed back telling them to send it back to me but they said they only keep them for 3 days and it was over 3 days. I am fuming, my phone was in perfect condition and even still had the protective cover on the screen and certainly had not been in contact with any water.
    What a waste!!! I would urge anyone not to use this company.

  5. Mr D Magner says:

    I never received the money i was quoted. I phoned them up and asked for my phone back and they said it had been longer than 3 days so they can’t. I told them it took me 1 week to get the letter, and their reply was they had sent me an email, which they didn’t. i have read a number of complaints about this site and i must agree with all of them, do not use this company, as you wont get what you are quoted and you wont be able to get your phone back, and no safisfaction only the run-a-round and excuses when you contact them.
    MONEY 4UR MOBILE do not use them.
    Mr D Magner.

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