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Firstly, don’t be afraid by the name! Mobile Cash Monster is more of a mobile phone cuddly toy! The site usability is OK, however we did experience a bit of trouble with the search functionality. Our standard search across all sites was for the Nokia N95, if you want to sell a Nokia N95 then make sure  you only search for  ‘N95’, searching ‘Nokia N95’ doesn’t deliver any results.

Other than that the service offered is fairly standard, you get the option of being sent a freepost envelop which we like and they provide the facility to pay for you old mobile phone by BACS, which means the money goes straight into your bank account – always a winner!

We’ve not actually tried and tested the service yet by selling one of our old mobiles, so we’re keen to hear from anyone who’s used the service.  Please leave a review below if you’ve sold an old mobile to the Mobile Monster!!

If you’ve used the Mobile Cash Monster service then please leave a review and/or rate below.

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7 Responses to “Mobile Cash Monster”
  1. Emma says:

    people say this is a bad company but i found them fine it took a lttle longer but i got the full amount of money thanks

  2. Janelle says:

    Avoid like the plague i sent my phone to them a month ago and yet not hears a peep out of them,they are useless i am jus glad the phone was no use at all (which is why i took the risk).

  3. shrek the diver says:

    Was given a quote for my Blackberry curve 8900, made sure i fully charged the high-capacity battery, gave it a clean up and polished the screen, wrapped it up in bubblewrap and posted by Special delivery.

    Recieved an email the next day saying they were reducing the value of it by 10% due to either battery issues or cosmetic damage. Robbing bunch of scumbags, obviously lie through their teeth and just rip people off.

    Trying to get it back is more hassle than it’s worth, so i’m just hoping they’ll give me the money – Or i might drive up to their offices and crack some skulls.

    Avoid – they are obviously thieving pikey scumbags.

  4. kayleigh fox says:

    Still waiting for my payment of (was £100) now £90 for my sony errison x10 mini. What a rip off! took £10 off because battery wasnt fully charged yet i sent it with full charge plus it had only been used once! WTF is that about! well i want my money and will get it!!

  5. gavin field says:

    I have been waiting 2 weeks for my money but still not had anything…. Think ill be going police and papers because its bad trading standards

  6. sarah says:

    I sent them my G1 Dream which they originally valued at £40, however I have recieved no money from them as they claim the phone was water damaged and could not be used. This is simply not true, there was a small crack in the screen but no other damage and they are very poor at answering communications. I have used other mobile recycling companies before and have not had this problem.

  7. SIMON HUGHES says:

    MOBILE CASH MONSTER What a rip off funny how it takes longer than the 7 day price guarantee they quote for them to receive the phone and then i was offered £10 less for my phone when i asked for it to be returned they wanted £15 to return it DONT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH A BARGE POLL THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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