New Samsung Android Phone

Samsung Galaxy S Android PhoneThe best Android Phone yet?

Well new android handsets are coming out so fast now it make you wonder whether Apple will be able to survive the Android onslaught. The reception problems that have appeared on the iPhone 4 and more the point Apples wonderful solution (cover the beautifully designed phone with a plastic bumper) may do more to deter customers than bring in new ones!

This new Samsung Android phone the Samsung Galaxy S is by far the best smartphone they have come up with. With fierce competition in the HTC Desire Samsung had to come up with something special and they may well have done just that. One complaint from the Desires AMOLED display was it’s poor performance in sunny conditions the Samsung Galaxy S had addressed this by adding their Super AMOLED screen this produces super rich vivid colours and yes the good news is that it’s better in sunlight, not perfect but definitely better.

The great thing about this new Samsung smartphone is the speed it’s shockingly fast and Samsungs TouchWiz UI works a treat. The Galaxy S also has the ability to record 720p HD video and with video out also on the phone you can connect to your tv to enjoy 720p HD direct from your phone. You can play DIVX, AVI and WMV formats along with others so this is really a one device does all.

Running on Android 2.1 (like the Desire) and rumoured to have a 2.2 upgrade in the pipeline ensures some longevity in this ever expanding Android Smartphone market. This is the most powerful smartphone available at the moment and unlike the HTC Desire stores actually have it in stock!! We have found some great deals  available with unlimited internet from around £25 per month and at that kind of price it does make you wonder why people are buying the iPhone 4 with all it’s  problems, yes the iPhone is better built and more stylish but what good is that when you have to have a plastic bumper on it??

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