New HTC Wildfire a mini Desire?

Htc Wildfire dealsThe new HTC Wildfire is now available and it’s going to be one very popular mini HTC smartphone. It shares more than a passing resemblance to the massively popular HTC Desire. It’s being touted as a mini Desire by many on the internet and yes it does have some similarities.

It runs on the brilliant Android 2.1 so has all the usual access to the Android apps and features the super fast HSDPA network connection for data (where network allows). The Wildfire also has the wonderful HTC Sense UI that really does offer a great user experience. It does however have a slower processor than the Desire so it’s not quite as snappy in use but to be honest not that noticeable. The big difference between the Desire and the Wildfire is the size, the HTC Wildfire is much more pocketable but of course the trade off is a smaller screen (3.2″) and the screen isn’t AMOLED like the Desire’s touchscreen so neither as sharp or vibrant as the Wildfire’s bigger brother.

Is the Wildfire’s screen bad? Not really just outclassed but the Desire and other newer smartphones but remember there’s some great HTC Wildfire contract deals available, this phone is available free on contracts from around £10!! which is shockingly good value for what you’re getting! The smaller screen size and lesser quality does make viewing webpages less enjoyable then on the Desire and watching media isn’t as good either but if you’re primaraly after a phone that is well connected to things like Facebook, Twitter and the whole social thing with the ability to use thousands of Android apps and be usable for internet browsing, occasional media playback then you really can’t go wrong for this money. A mini Desire almost!

If Apple had released something similar the world would be going mad for it!!

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