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Well the Htc Desire is finally here on all the major networks (apart from o2 at the time of writing) This long awaited ‘iPhone killer‘ really seems to have stood up to it’s ‘iPhone killer’ label if you check out the revews at Engadget and TechradarHTC Desire deals you will see how highly rated this phone comes!

Htc Desire availability was always going to be an issue but most networks seem to have it sorted with stock available within a few days but for some reason o2 are really dragging their feet. o2 Htc Desire availability is now looking like it will be mid May! Well behind it’s main revivals. Makes you wonder if it’s being delayed just because of the rumored iPhone 4 announcement at the start of June??? You know what a tight hold Apple can have on it’s dealers, maybe it will be an  o2 exclusive and their saving as many ’smart phone’ customers as the can for it, who know’s?

Here’s a few basic details on the HTC Desire: The HTC Desire has a fantastic 3.7 inch widescreen, AMOLED display, delivering 720×480 pixels resolution. Arguably crisper and clearer than any other display on the market, it delivers touchscreen responsiveness definitely in the ballpark of the iPhone and, moreover, it is fast and this will be the key to it’s success. The combination of Android 2.1 sitting above a Snapdragon CPU clocked at 1GHz with 512Mb of RAM and ROM really does enable you to zap through opening up applications and then moving between them. This is the smartphone most people have been waiting for with none of the restrictions of the iPhone. Look below for htc desire deals unlimited internet but watch out as some say unlimited than have a fair usage policy of 500mb!

O2 have now reduced their Fair Usage Policy from 20gb to 500mb! This is since the launch of the new iPhone see: iPhone 4 Deals and Availability

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