It’s here! the new HTC Desire HD

New HTC Desire HD DealsWell finally stocks have appeared fro the amazing HTC Desire and what happens they release a new one! Lets hope HTC have a decent stockpile this time as the delay’s in shipping the original Desire were a nightmare!

What’s the difference between the Desire and the Desire HD?

Well the main difference, and it doesn’t take much time to notice, is the screen size the new Desire HD features a massive 4.3 inch display. The added screensize makes watching movies an enjoyable experience and  what really impressed us is the text, you can really use this as an ebook reader, not quite a kindle or iPad but still for a phone it’s very usable.

Equipped with an 8 megapixel camera and capable of 720p HD video recording, hence the name, makes the Desire HD a great allrounder. Duel LED flashes help out when the lights bad.

So is this new HTC Android phone worth the extra over the standard Desire?
Well that really all depends upon your needs the original Desire is a great phone and most operators offer the upgrade to Android 2.2 so the same as the Desire HD. In our eyes it really comes down to that screen size. The Desire just sits so well in the hand where as the Desire HD feels quite a bit bigger. If Multimedia is your thing with phones get the HD if you want a very good smartphone for communicating get the original Desire and at least it’s finally in stock!!

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