Is the LG Cookie Fresh Any Good?

LG Cookie FreshWith all the recent releases in the mobile phone world and the ever more advanced handsets  it makes you wonder where it will all stop. The thing is not everyone wants a phone that you can have 100’s of apps on it that can tell you if you’ve put your shelf up straight or be a virtual pint of beer etc. etc.

If you want a phone, and here’s a thing, for communicating then something like the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 might be right up your street. It’s a phone that doesn’t take itself too seriously with It’s has a cartoonesque interface it’s fun and easy to use. It features ‘Live Square’ that takes care of your twitter and Facebook and brings them into one convenient location. The homepage can be customised to give you easy access to your most used features.

The built in camera is not going to win any awards at a measly 2 mega pixel but it does have a vide recorder which is fine for fun nights out. It does have a web browser and multimedia player but to be honest that’s not what this phone is all about.

If your looking for a compact phone that keeps you in the social media loop at a shocking low price then the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 might be for you and with prices as low as £7 with 300 mins and 3000 texts it’s a bargain!!

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What say you?