HTC Wildfire in stock

Htc Wildfire dealsWell after all the stock shortages most suppliers seem to have had new HTC Wildfires in stock this week.

The Wildfire is touted as the mini Desire and it does share many similarities with it’s bigger brother. The only real downsides to the smaller Wildfire is the smaller screen well not so much the size as the resolution. Coming in at 240 x 320 QVGA it’s fine for normal phone features and social networking but if your browsing the net or watching videos you’ll definitely notice the fuzziness of the screen it just can’t quite cut it but at this money, under £10 a month, you can’t really go wrong!

One other thing to bear in mind is not all android apps will work on the HTC Wildfire’s smaller screen so you may want to check out if you favourite apps are compatible. This is just down to the resolution of the screen their is just not enough screen real estate for some apps. If you do need the better screen then check out HTC Desire deals and availability they are however still in short supply especially on T-Moble and 3 mobile. Also check out iPhone 4 deals and availability if you can justify the extra spend. There have been some good 3 mobile deals on the iPhone 4 released this week.

If your looking for a nice sized phone that can deal with social networking and email look no further, grab an HTC Wildfire while there in stock. Don’t forget to check for the best price to sell your old mobile phone.

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