Apple iPhone 4 Deals and Availability

Apple iPhone 4Well after all the rumours it’s finally here and officially launched. So nows the time to check out the Apple iPhone 4 deals and availability.

Ever since that poor IPhone developer had one too many beers and left his disguised iPhone 4 in  a bar only to be found then sold onto Gizmodo (have a read of the story here) the world has been waiting to exactly what the iPhone4 had to offer. We new it had a forward facing camera and what it was to look like but that really was about all.

The one thing that seems to have impressed most of the early reviewers of the Apple iPhone4 is the Retina 3.5″ display it’s pixels are so small the human eye cannot see them and what this brings to the phone user is a super crisp display that is just great for reading on. Webpages are really crisp and ebooks are actually readable on the small screen.

The feature that excited us the most is probably the most basic upgrade and that is a bigger battery! Reports are coming in of the battery lasting in excess of 2 days which is phenomenal for a modern smartphone of this calibre. The design feature of the stainless steel  band around the phone cleverly doubles up as an antennae for calls, wifi, bluetooth etc.

Apple would have you think they invented video calling with the iPhone 4 but as we all know it’s been around a while but with the highly intuitive ‘face time’ application I’m sure it will get people staring into their phones at a train station near you soon!

On the down side if your looking for Apple iPhone 4 deals unlimited internet you may be out of luck with o2 going from a 20gb allowance to a 500mb one (and we all know how data hungry these phones can be) the highest inclusive data is probably going to be 1gb from T-Mobile or Vodafone.

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The latest Apple iPhone 4 deals:

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