It’s here! the new HTC Desire HD

Well finally stocks have appeared fro the amazing HTC Desire and what happens they release a new one! Lets hope HTC have a decent stockpile this time as the delay’s in shipping the original Desire were a nightmare! What’s the difference between the Desire and the Desire HD? Well the main difference, and it doesn’t take much time to... [Read more]

HTC Wildfire in stock

Well after all the stock shortages most suppliers seem to have had new HTC Wildfires in stock this week. The Wildfire is touted as the mini Desire and it does share many similarities with it’s bigger brother. The only real downsides to the smaller Wildfire is the smaller screen well not so much the size as the resolution. Coming in at 240 x 320... [Read more]

Is the LG Cookie Fresh Any Good?

With all the recent releases in the mobile phone world and the ever more advanced handsetsĀ  it makes you wonder where it will all stop. The thing is not everyone wants a phone that you can have 100’s of apps on it that can tell you if you’ve put your shelf up straight or be a virtual pint of beer etc. etc. If you want a phone, and here’s... [Read more]

New Samsung Android Phone

The best Android Phone yet? Well new android handsets are coming out so fast now it make you wonder whether Apple will be able to survive the Android onslaught. The reception problems that have appeared on the iPhone 4 and more the point Apples wonderful solution (cover the beautifully designed phone with a plastic bumper) may do more to deter customers... [Read more]

New HTC Wildfire a mini Desire?

The new HTC Wildfire is now available and it’s going to be one very popular mini HTC smartphone. It shares more than a passing resemblance to the massively popular HTC Desire. It’s being touted as a mini Desire by many on the internet and yes it does have some similarities. It runs on the brilliant Android 2.1 so has all the usual access... [Read more]

Apple iPhone 4 Deals and Availability

Well after all the rumours it’s finally here and officially launched. So nows the time to check out the Apple iPhone 4 deals and availability. Ever since that poor IPhone developer had one too many beers and left his disguised iPhone 4 inĀ  a bar only to be found then sold onto Gizmodo (have a read of the story here) the world has been waiting... [Read more]

Latest Htc Desire deals and availability

Well the Htc Desire is finally here on all the major networks (apart from o2 at the time of writing) This long awaited ‘iPhone killer‘ really seems to have stood up to it’s ‘iPhone killer’ label if you check out the revews at Engadget and Techradar you will see how highly rated this phone comes! Htc Desire availability... [Read more]