Which mobile phone recycling company?

Mobile phone recycling companies are popping up all over the place, with companies now realising the not only the potential profitability of this industry, but also the environmentally friendly nature of the business.

At the time of writing the Trade My Mobile team have reviewed 14 mobile phone recycling companies, and we have up to date prices for all. Check out the mobile phone recycling company reviews page to get the inside edge from all the user reviews. Our favourites are xxxxx and xxxxx who provide a very efficient and reliable service, they are not always the best on price, but are generally unbeatable on service.

If you want to get a value for your phone, visit the search page and simply type in the make and model and within minutes you’ll have a price, it couldn’t be easier! Super old phones don’t command too much, you’ll be lucky to get £2 for your old Nokia 6110, but the Nokia N97 is worth upwards of £230! Happy recycling!

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