Selling your Nokia N97

What has happened to the once giant mobile phone manufacturer Nokia? Once the greatest of all mobile phone producers, it seems to have certainly lost it’s way in this new smartphone world (or not so smartphone as the case may be). Already the Nokia N97 is proving to be a very popular model to recycle on Trade My Mobile. We’ve already seen thousands of people enquiring as to what they can trade it in for, a tyhe time of writing owners can get at least £220 for a Nokia N97.

Whether people obtained their N97 on a pay as you go basis or on contract, they are getting rid of them in droves. Even though owners are recycling their beloved iphones, reports are that this is to raise a few quid as opposed to the generally being a dissatisfied customer.

If you’re wondering what you can get for your mobile phone, check out the search page and enter the make and model for a comparison of all the mobile phone recycling companies.

Here’s the latest prices for the Nokia N97

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