Sell Old Phone mobile recycling

With some serious competition out there, you’d think that Sell Old Phone mobile phone recycling would offer something dynamic, it is unfortunately just like many of the other sites but without the site usability. It does have some good information but it’s hard to find if you’re looking for any information on recycling mobile phones.

Sell Old Phone claims that their national programme directly benefits charitable organisations and individuals, but fails to mention a single charity that they’re working with, so we can’t I’m afraid validate where the cash goes if you sell a mobile phone to these guys.

Another concern is that although mobile recycling claims to have 400,000 visitors to their site, it’s a little disheartening to find more information given for web-affiliates and for companies who want to advertise on their site than there is for why you should recycle. And with adverts for companies such as Cash My Gold, it does feel like they’re more interested in revenue from directing traffic to other sites.

Despite these concerns, recycling takes a wide range of handsets from all the top manufacturers and even lesser-known brands, and they do offer semi-reasonable prices for old handsets which include £55 for the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic, £16 for the Palm Treo 680, £23.50 for the Sony Ericsson K790i and £70 for the LG BL40 New Chocolate.

You can also trade in your games consoles with recycling. However, this is limited to just the PlayStation PSP and the Nintendo DS Lite, offering £19.99 for each console, and when compared to other websites, you can see that this isn’t a great offer. In summary, if you want the essential information on trading in your handset, along with a few different options of getting paid and fast, then will do the job, but there are more engaging mobile phone recycling sites that offer better prices.

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