Sell a Nokia N73

Sell Nokia n73So the old Nokia N73 has now been sat in a draw for a while and you’ve decided to recycle a Nokia N73.  This was one of the highest specified smartphones of its time, and thankfully times change! It was and still is a super light phone, and it’s conventional boxy design is rather cool.  You may be wanting to sell a Nokia N73 as it’s a bit fiddly to send text messages and navigate, mainly due to the small joystick.

One thing to note if you do recycle your Nokia N73 is that the camera really is still a fantastic function that you may not get with say the iphone.  It has a 3.2 megapixel camera using Carl Zeiss optics and a CMOS sensor which takes some great snaps.  You can also record some great videos in either 3GP or MPEG4 formats, although if you’re now about to recycle your Nokia N73 then I guess this info is now a little wasted!

It probably treated you well, but with super smartphones such as the iphone and Nokia N97 then it’s no wonder you’re looking to sell your Nokia N73.  Have a look at the prices below for your old mobile.

What say you?