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Sell your old mobile phones for top cash prices with RPC Recycle.

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RPC RECYCLE mobile recycling has a useful, straightforward approach to trading in mobile phones. The website is extremely simple to use, and contains all the essential information you’ll need along with a handy section to answer any questions or queries you may have if you’re wanting to recycle or sell a mobile phone.

With so many companies focusing just on individual customers, it’s great to see that schools can also get in on the act with RPC recycle mobile phone recycling, and a separate link gives you all the information on handsets and printer cartridges that can be traded in to purchase school equipment and other resources. The company will also provide banners and leaflets to promote the scheme in the school, encouraging more children to understand the importance of recycling.

RPC RECYCLE mobile recycling also accepts phones from businesses, but more importantly they’re also benefiting a few worthwhile causes through their Recycle for Charity scheme, raising funds for English and African organisations. But if you’re whether to sell your phone to RPC Recycle just so you can pocket the cash, then these are a selection of their ‘sky high’ offers. Get £112 for a Blackberry Bold 9000, £240 for the iPhone 3GS 32GB, £55 for the Google G1 and £105 for the Sony Ericsson Sation U1i.

If you sell mobile phones to RPC recycle, a cheque will be sent out to you in 48hours, or if you don’t want the hassle of going to the bank, you can choose to have it paid direct into your PayPal account – although this does incur a small fee. Another great feature is that RPC recycle phone recycling will also provide free courier service for individuals with ten or more handsets, so that’s a great incentive for a group of people to get together and combine their unwanted phones for cash.

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