Royal Mail Simply Drop – the new recycler on the block

Royal Mail Simply Drop

We have a new recycler added to the database, a big welcome to Royal Mail Simply drop. The nice thing about this new service from the Royal Mail is you can choose to donate your payment to charity so not only are you helping the planet by recycling your also helping a charity out by donating!

Another good feature, if you decide not to donate to charity, is you can choose to have your payment paid to you in cash at your local post office obviously this is a unique service in the mobile phone recycling world. You also have the option of getting your payment paid direct into your paypal account.

There’s also the opportunity to recycle unwanted cameras and mp3 players. So now really is the time to have a technology clear out! At the same make yourself a bit of cash or better still have it donated to a charity. Sometimes especially with older phones they’re not worth a lot of money but if we all donate them to charity together they will make a big difference to the charities.

Simply Drop recycle for some high profile partners including the Met Police Mobile Phone Crime Unit  so you know they offer a ultra reliable service. Don’t get throwing those inkjet cartridges away either because they will get those recycled responsibly for you also. Think about over 1.1 billion printer cartridges are sold each year and these can easily be remanufactured several times meaning fewer ending up in landfills.

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