Recycling mobile phones – how it works

I’m sure you’re all wondering exactly what’s happening to all these old mobile phones once you’ve sent them off for recycling. Well the process is fairly straightforward with a few main places of rest for the old faithful. Those phones in good condition are generally sold on to another person for re-use via one of the many second-hand phone retailers. If it’s not of a suitable condition of the UK, there are many other nations that will purchase the old mobile.

The other main option (a sad end!) is to break it up into smaller components that will be used to fix other phones, kind of the donor system for sick phones! 80% of the parts are generally transferrable to other similar phones.

If your old mobile can’t be used for any of the above reasons then it won’t all go to waste, the mobile phone recycling companies that we use are all governed by EU guidelines and are required to at least melt down and recycle any remaining components.

What say you?