Recycle Nokia 6300

Trying to sell a Nokia 6300? Check out the best mobile phone recycling companies below so you can maximize your money for a Nokia 6300.  You’ll probably be sad to see it go, the Nokia 6300 has indeed been the old faithful for many a mobile phone user. It looks great, the battery seems to last forever and it makes the important job of making calls super simple.

The biggest appeal of the 6300 was most probably the lightweight slim candybar structure.  It only weighed in at 91g, so super light, especially for such a well made phone with a metal casing.  At the time of launch the main competitor for the Nokia 6300 was the Sony Ericcson W880i. This has a fantastic camera but not as stylish as the 6300.

If you’re already upgraded to a new phone then see now how much we can get your for your Nokia 6300. Unfortunately due to the basic functionality you won’t be able to get as much as the apple iphone or Nokia N95, however you should easily be able to get at least £30 for your mobile. The lack of value is also reflected as operators used to give out this Nokia for free.


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  1. Ellen says:

    I don’t want to SELL a Nokia 6300 I want to buy one if possible. I can’t stand this new phone I have–it’s more than i need and I just want to buy cards I don’t want to register if I can avoid it.

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