Recycle mobiles in Leicester

These days, nearly 2 out of 3 people in Leicester own a mobile phone and in the past, old mobile phones were destined to become part of a land fill.  In the UK alone, it’s estimated that the coming year will bring another 10 million mobile to the trash heap as people upgrade their phones.

To help with the problem, the Leicestershire County Council has developed new facilities to manage the waste.  Now people will be able to recycle their old phones alongside their normal household trash and recyclables like glass, aluminium and steel. The old phones will be refurbished and restored for sale to other countries. Charities can collect up to 10 pounds per telephone.

Mobile phones that cannot be repaired will still be useful for their batteries and recyclable plastic components.  There is of course an easier way if your looking to recycle your phone, simply visit Trade my Mobile and you can get cash for iphones and other popular mobiles such as the Nokia N95.

What say you?