Recycle iphone 2G

Sell iPhone 2gThe original Apple iphone 2G 8Gb is the phone that truly revolutionised the mobile phone industry, the Apple iPhone 2G 4Gb was indeed the first real, true smart phone! Prior to Apple iPhone 2G, the coolest and largest selling mobile phone was the Motorola RAZR! How times have changed, and the real catalyst for this change was the iPhone and many people are now cashing in and looking to sell and recycle apple iphone 2G.

If you are going to recycle an iPhone 2G, many phone recycling companies still pay maximum cash if if there are scratches on the smooth metallic finish, the apple iphone 2G 8Gb and 4Gb that you are selling must however be in good working order. It is a little fatter than the newer versions, giving it a bulkier, yet sturdier feel, yet it is still highly popular, as it possibly has better call quality than many smart phones on the market currently! After all, that’s what a phone is designed to do!

It was such a popular phone hence why the recycling iphone 2G’s is now big business. Many people are still using the Apple iPhone 2G over the 3G versions released later on. However, maybe you are in this boat and are finally deciding to upgrade or buy the new apple iphone 4G. A great way to not only help the environment and earn yourself or charities some extra money is to recycle an Apple iPhone 2G. Here at, we have searched the internet to get you the best prices should you choose to recycle an Apple iPhone 2G. The best prices you could get are seen below in order from highest downwards. Check out the companies below, and see which the best one for you is!

Go for it! It couldn’t be easier!

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