Nokia backs recycling initiative

To avoid the massive waste and harm to the environment from the disposal of mobile phones, Nokia are leading the charge with mobile phone recycling innovation. India is Nokia’s biggest marketplace, and here Nokia have installed bins across the country making it easier for everyone to recycle their mobile phones.

As with the UK, most people don’t even realise it’s possible to recycle a mobile phone so this initiative is making a massive difference. As well as the street side initiative, Nokia are also offering vouchers and cash for old mobiles. The company has also confirmed that they will be making charitable donations based on the number of phones left in their mobile phone recycling bins. I wonder how many rupees you can get for a Nokia N95??

Other manufacturers are also getting in on the mobile phone recycling business, although some attacking the initiative differently to others. For example Sony Ericcson focuses more on re-using components and selling them on to other companies. We’re not entirely sure why, but Nokia question the safety and ethics of this process and focuses on the straightforward recycling of complete handsets.

Mobile phone recycling really is going to be big business, not only in India but across the globe. Nokia estimates that currently only 3% of mobile phones are recycled, image how much damage that is doing to the environment. Don’t continue this trend, help the environment and yourself by recycling your mobile phone.

What say you?