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With so many companies accepting your old handsets, you may find mobile recycling rather basic. Although the website is simple to use many of the others sites are a little more interesting and easy to use. mobile phone recycling does however feature an extensive range from all the usual top brands and phone companies, and even features lesser-known brands including Lobster, Bosch and Sendo. So, if you do decide to sell your phone to, what prices can you expect? At the time of writing if you sell a Nokia 5730 XpressMusic you can get £58, £12 if you sell a Samsung F480 Toco, £93 for the relatively-new HTC G2 Hero and £41 if you sell a 02 XDA Diamond.

There’s no limit on the amount of phones you can trade into recycling, but it would be good to know when you’re likely to get paid by the company. It tells you that you will be paid by cheque, but there’s no dates telling you when to expect payment, and that’s a serious flaw! Come on Money4MyMobile, you can do better than that!

The website also scores minus-points for the lack of information given by recycling on the environmental benefits of trading in your phone. In fact the company gives far more details on the cookies that will be installed on your computer after visiting their site!

If you’re not quite ready to sell your phone to, the website does have a nifty reminder option, which is one redeeming feature. Just enter your email address and when you would like to be contacted, and they will send you a short reminder to visit the site again. But do yourself and your wallet a favour – use our handy mobile phone recycling comparison page before selling your mobile.

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Visit Money4myMobile website


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  1. Chris says:

    Really great service – took two weeks from sending mobile off to getting cheque for the whole amount they quoted, even though phone was a bit of a state!!

    They also sent me a couple of emails to advise they had received it, and that cheque was on its way.

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