Mobile phone recycling goes large

2010 looks like it is going to be a big year for Already we have helped thousands of people make money from their old mobile phones, and with the trend to recycle mobiles phones on the up it looks like we’re going to need lots of help to cope with demand this year!

We’re delighted to see people really getting behind the mobile phone recycling initiative, helping not only their pockets but the planet as well. It’s such a waste to see masses of phones simply getting thrown into landfill sites, there are just so many benefits to recycling your phone. We of course know you’re all doing it for the planet, but with up to £260 if you sell your iphone, or £89 for selling a Nokia N95 every little helps! To see the full range of phones that can be purchased, simply enter your details in the search box and bobs your uncle!

What say you?