Keep your old mobile phone data secure

Mobile phone recycling is such a great idea, however beware.  If you sell your mobile phone to someone other than one of the mobile phone companies on our comparison site, then make sure you remove your old data.  If you don’t there is a good chance that if you don’t someone could end up reading your personal text messages.

All of the mobile phone recycling companies not only ethically recycle your old mobile but also clean your phone of any data.  Don’t forget however to remove your SIM card before sending off your phone, it’s not really a data risk, but the majority of companies simply don’t return the SIM card and it’s lost forever.

There is software on the market that can wipe all data from your old mobile, so if you are really worried about this then download some software off the net that will completely wipe the memory.

If you want your data wiped and phone recycled ethically, check out the search page to see how much your mobile phone is worth.

What say you?