How soon will you want to sell your mobile phone?

The world of mobile phones continues to advance at a rapid rate, with the latest evolution is smart phones really driving the markets forward.  But what do we have to look forward to over the coming months, are you hanging out waiting for the latest device?  Don’t forget to recycle old mobiles with when you decide to invest.  With phone recycling prices on the increase you can get up to £200 for your old mobile.

So what innovations are round the corner?  There is no doubt that Apple is the trial blazer in the smart phone world, with google coming a close second.  Eric Schmidt the chief executive and chairman of Google has recently underlined the Google’s commitment to include mobile functionality in all of its products.  He said the company is very much a ‘mobile first’ business, with many applications being produced first and foremost for the mobile phone android platform.

It’s predicted that smartphone sales will overtake PC sales over the next couple of years, and these devices and fast becoming an invaluable virtual assistant, from booking flights, to looking for last minute recipes.

With such rapid innovation it’s ever more important to continue the trend of recycling old mobile phones.  Mobile phone prices are continuing to increase (new and old), so it makes sense to cash in and sell old mobiles.  If you are thinking ‘I’d like to sell my mobile’ then check out to make sure you pick the best supplier (take a look at the comprehensive recycling company reviews) and find the best price by going to the search bar.

What say you?