Are You Dissatisfied with Your Current Phone? Thinking about recycling it for a new mobile?

Smart phone sales are growing at incredible rates, but research indicates that the majority of smart phone users are disappointed with handset and application performance.  Many of these users are part of the iphone revolution, but those that have chosen other smart phones such as the Nokia N97.

Many of the complaints about specific phones stem from internet use with web browsers, streaming media, and issues with social networking causing the majority of issues. Furthermore, we should consider the element that is probably the most interesting to Fanfare, a purveyor of automated testing solutions:

Their report notes that “55% of respondents cannot tell whether individual problems stem from the handset or the mobile network and, as a result, 53% instinctively blame the smart phone manufacturer whenever an issue arises.” We also have to consider user error, who really is to blame!!

Not surprisingly, many unhappy customers relate their struggles to their friends or family (57%) or post about them on social networking (58%) which may affect sales. Many simply just go for the mobile sell and recycle their mobile with  In fact, the effect of this is so profound that social networking now outpaces traditional media marketing by a rate of 64% to 40%.

The popularity of smart phone applications is discussed by Fanfare marketer David Gehringer when he says, “The Apple App Store and Android Market have served up billions of app downloads, giving smart phone owners the ability to use their phones in new and exciting ways. But now that the novelty is wearing off, users want their applications to be more reliable” he continues.

“Looking ahead, three quarters of respondents (74%) believed that handsets will become less reliable and that this is unacceptable” the report says. Furthermore, “The vast majority (88%) said that they are happy to wait until handsets have proven reliability before purchasing – suggesting consumers are becoming more cautious as a result of negative experiences.”

In reality, it appears that smart phones are the newest fashion accessory and, based on personal surveying, it seems like many people prefer to be at the cutting edge of the market and own a new product before anyone else. However, they may have varying degrees of success using the new device.

You should not necessarily read this as a critique of such products as the HTC and Google Android phones, Apple iPhone, Blackberry sets, and the occasional Palm phone. All of these products look to be easier to use and more trustworthy than the Nokia mobiles and you will be hard pressed to find an unhappy iPhone owner.

In conclusion, are you one of those that claims to be unhappy with your smart phone, and if so when will the complaints begin?

What say you?