Are smart phones actually that smart?

If you’re looking to recycle your mobile and invest in a smartphone, make it does everything you need it to do. The smartphone appellation can be a misnomer, given the difficulties many of these gadgets have in completing a number of popular tasks. At Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, software solutions were introduced that intend to address substantial challenges such as the inability of certain devices to accommodate Flash video technology.

Event though most video streams, animated applications and game interfaces found on the internet are predicated on Flash technology, few smartphones are capable of supporting it.

Adobe vice president David Wadhwani stated that “In the next year, the same Flash player 10.1 that runs on desktop computers will also be found on numerous makers’ smartphone devices.”  Android and Palm Pre devices will feature the mobile version of Flash 10.1 by the middle of 2010, and additional makers will offer the same capability soon after.

Thus far, all but one of the 20 most prolific device makers have committed to making the video and animation functionality available. Apple has declined to facilitate the software, and therefore the functionality will not be available to iPhone users.

A pair of new devices featuring freshened operations functionality has been introduced by HTC. One of the most adaptable web browsing interfaces available on mobile devices, features will include phone and desktop syncing ability, tabbed internet searching and a growing list of at least 40 add-ons.

Users will have the ability to send tweets directly from the address bar via the optional Twitter feature. Nokia’s N900 currently features Firefox, which will become available on other manufacturers’ offerings during 2010.

Mini, a high-speed browser for the iPhone, has been created by Opera and is awaiting submission to and approval from the App Store. According to its creator, web pages will be rendered up to six times more swiftly than on Safari, the existing iPhone browser.

Microsoft’s introduction of the Windows Phone 7 platform was one of the highlights of this year’s Mobile World Congress.  With a late Fall completion target, the platform offers a more organic, user-friendly interface.

Microsoft does not plan to manufacture devices, despite the shift in nomenclature from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. Rather, the change indicates a new effort to individualize a previously PC-heavy process. An example of this is the removal of the Start button in exchange for icons able to display contacts’ status changes instantaneously.

Swapping out the Windows Media Player in favour of its own Zune music download platform, Microsoft plans a function not unlike an internal iPod – with Zune boasting the ability to sync not only with iTunes, but also with computers.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 video game console will be fully and dynamically integrated, resulting in constant updating of a user’s avatar, player profile, top scores and messages.

Featuring the overhauled Sense platform, the Desire and Legend are two new Android devices introduced by HTC. Friend Stream is a featured application able to combine the status updates from social network contacts in one convenient location.

The Active Matrix Oled screen interface initially launched in connection with the Google Nexus One device is a feature of these two new handsets.

The HTC Legend is slimmer in profile than its heralded predecessor, the often recycled HTC Hero. Rather than featuring trackball functionality, both devices are operated by optical mouse. Are your looking for htc desire deals unlimited internet.

The Else device from Israel was another ground-breaking attraction, as it is made to locate any document, mobile application or contact with one tap.  Previously, those wishing to use an actual keypad to enter information into their device have not been able to alter the purpose of phone keys.

Pelikon from Britain is offering an LCD layering display effect which permits device owners to alter the look and function of their typing interface. As an example, it is possible to adapt typically alphanumeric keys such that they read as a media player function, or convert the keypad into a mousepad.

The firm indicated that its keyboards are available for addition to slider devices at a cost of under $10 (£6) and that they plan to partner with a large manufacturer of handsets later in 2010.

What say you?