Recycle iphone 2G

The original Apple iphone 2G 8Gb is the phone that truly revolutionised the mobile phone industry, the Apple iPhone 2G 4Gb was indeed the first real, true smart phone! Prior to Apple iPhone 2G, the coolest and largest selling mobile phone was the Motorola RAZR! How times have changed, and the real catalyst for this change was the iPhone and many people... [Read more]

Are smart phones actually that smart?

If you’re looking to recycle your mobile and invest in a smartphone, make it does everything you need it to do. The smartphone appellation can be a misnomer, given the difficulties many of these gadgets have in completing a number of popular tasks. At Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, software solutions were introduced that intend to address... [Read more]

Recycle your old phone and get Smart with O2!

O2 managed to increase their customer base by more than 335,000 new clients in the final three months of last year. That and the more than 60,000 broadband customers bolstered its status as Britain’s largest, most prolific mobile phone company. Many of its new customers also managed to cash in by recycling old mobile phones.  Apparently new owners... [Read more]