How it works

It’s a super simple process, there are various nuances between all companies (mobile phone recycling reviews), but essentially the process is fairly similar for all companies, namely you:

  1. Search for the make and model of your old phone
  2. Choose the best company to take your phone
  3. Send off your phone (most offer a freepost service)
  4. If you’re phone isn’t too old you’ll receive cash via BACS or Cheque
  5. Your phone is then either re-used or broken down for recycling

So that’s it, easy eh!  Even if the cash offered for your old mobile phone is low, it’s still worth taking the effort to recycle. One all data is taken off your phone (don’t forget to remove the SIM card), either the whole phone of parts of it are sent off to other parts of the world such as Africa, China, India and Pakistan.  Quite often these areas don’t have fixed lines so mobile communication is literally a life saver.

When your old mobile phone is broken down it’s surprising how many parts can be recycled.  It’s amazing what goes into a mobile phone, it’s not unusual to find precious metals like gold and silver, it’s the new gold rush!!  These are of course only in tiny quantities so don’t get too excited just yet!  All other components are often melted down to find a new less exciting plastic based life!