What if I have more than one old mobile phone?

The great thing is about all of the mobile phone recycling companies is that you can sell as many old mobiles as you want.  This is particularly useful for corporations who have recently upgraded their company handsets and are left with a bunch of old mobiles.

Will I still get money even if my phone is damaged?

Unfortunately there is no definite answer t this question, it really does depend on just how damaged your old mobile phone may be.  The companies will first of all have to review the state before confirming that you wish to sell your mobile phone.

How can I be sure I’ve given you the right information about my phone?

Fortunately this is pretty each to work out.  If you’re able to take the back off the old mobile phone you wish to sell (this is possible with most old mobiles), you can just check under the batter and the required numbers are often around about.  Check all other surfaces of the phone as there are occasionally model numbers located somewhere on the surface.

How do you pay me?

If you check out the individual reviews then you’ll see who pays what and how.  The best companies tend to pay via BACS, this is an instant payment into your account and will save you a trip to the bank.

What if I don’t agree with the valuation?

The majority of companies communicate any deals for your old mobile via email. They let you know how much is on offer for your old mobile, andif not accepted they will simply send it back to you.  Companies vary with regards to who pays for postage, so check the terms and conditions first.

What happens to my SIM card?

The answer is nothing, YOU SHOULD TAKE IT OUT!!!!!  This is standard for all companies, it will contain a bunch of your personal data so make sure you take it out.  Most companies don’t return SIM cards, so just incase you didn’t get it the first time – TAKE OUT YOUR SIM CARD before recycling your old mobile.

Do I need to send off my memory card?

It’s advisable to ensure you get maximum value for your card.  But don’t worry if you don’t have it, most companies will still pay the advertised price with our without your memory card.

IMEI??  What is this?

No matter what we write here I’m afraid it’s going to be pretty dull.  IMEI stands for ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’. This is essentially the unique serial number given to every phone on the planet.   Its normally printed under the battery on the back of the handset.  If you have a working old mobile that you’re looking to sell then just type in *#06# and this should tell you what it is.

If my phone is locked can it still be recycled?

Simple answer is YES! All locked old mobile phones can still be sold.

What if my old mobile is barred or stolen?

The majority of companies use a register called www.checkmend.com to make sure they are not dealing with stolen goods.  If it’s on the register then I’m afraid the companies will not recycle your old mobile.