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It’s here! the new HTC Desire HD It’s here! the new HTC Desire HD

Well finally stocks have appeared fro the amazing HTC Desire and what happens they release a new one! Lets hope HTC have a decent stockpile this time as the delay’s in shipping the original Desire were a nightmare! What’s the difference between the Desire and the Desire HD? Well the main difference, and it... [Read more]

HTC Wildfire in stock HTC Wildfire in stock

Well after all the stock shortages most suppliers seem to have had new HTC Wildfires in stock this week. The Wildfire is touted as the mini Desire and it does share many similarities with it’s bigger brother. The only real downsides to the smaller Wildfire is the smaller screen well not so much the size as the resolution.... [Read more]

Is the LG Cookie Fresh Any Good? Is the LG Cookie Fresh Any Good?

With all the recent releases in the mobile phone world and the ever more advanced handsets  it makes you wonder where it will all stop. The thing is not everyone wants a phone that you can have 100’s of apps on it that can tell you if you’ve put your shelf up straight or be a virtual pint of beer etc. etc. If... [Read more]

New Samsung Android Phone New Samsung Android Phone

The best Android Phone yet? Well new android handsets are coming out so fast now it make you wonder whether Apple will be able to survive the Android onslaught. The reception problems that have appeared on the iPhone 4 and more the point Apples wonderful solution (cover the beautifully designed phone with a plastic bumper)... [Read more]

New HTC Wildfire a mini Desire? New HTC Wildfire a mini Desire?

The new HTC Wildfire is now available and it’s going to be one very popular mini HTC smartphone. It shares more than a passing resemblance to the massively popular HTC Desire. It’s being touted as a mini Desire by many on the internet and yes it does have some similarities. It runs on the brilliant Android 2.1... [Read more]

Recycle iphone 2G Recycle iphone 2G

The original Apple iphone 2G 8Gb is the phone that truly revolutionised the mobile phone industry, the Apple iPhone 2G 4Gb was indeed the first real, true smart phone! Prior to Apple iPhone 2G, the coolest and largest selling mobile phone was the Motorola RAZR! How times have changed, and the real catalyst for this change... [Read more]

Apple iPhone 4 Deals and Availability Apple iPhone 4 Deals and Availability

Well after all the rumours it’s finally here and officially launched. So nows the time to check out the Apple iPhone 4 deals and availability. Ever since that poor IPhone developer had one too many beers and left his disguised iPhone 4 in  a bar only to be found then sold onto Gizmodo (have a read of the story here)... [Read more]

Recycle Apple iphone 3G 8Gb Recycle Apple iphone 3G 8Gb

Looking to upgrade to the new Apple iphone 4? Have a look below at a how much money you could earn for yourself by recycling an Apple iPhone 3G 8GB. We have collated together the best prices you can get if you choose to recycle an Apple iPod 3b 8GB, so have a look below and choose the best one! Remember to check the terms... [Read more]

Sell Old Phone mobile recycling Sell Old Phone mobile recycling

With some serious competition out there, you’d think that Sell Old Phone mobile phone recycling would offer something dynamic, it is unfortunately just like many of the other sites but without the site usability. It does have some good information but it’s hard to find if you’re looking for any information on recycling... [Read more]

Phone Recycle Bank mobile recycling Phone Recycle Bank mobile recycling

If you’re looking for great advice on how to sell and recycle mobile phones, then the Phone Recycle Bank could be just the site for you.  The Phone Recycle Bank has paid out over £1 million pounds since it started last November – so that’s a lot of satisfied mobile phone recycling customers and a lot of recycling... [Read more]

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About Trade My Mobile

Trade My Mobile is now giving you the opportunity to cash in by recycling mobile phones you have lying around your house. We can instantly give you a mobile phone valuation, and whats more you’ll be simultaneously helping the planet!

There are over 80 million old mobile phones in the UK, as well as the parts being recycled, whole working mobile phones can now be available to less developed nations. Each phone you have could be worth up to £260, our most popular phone right now is the Nokia N95 which we’ll arrange a buyer for £87.50. The prices for old mobiles depend on the make, model and condition, but whatever this situation we’ll be able to give you an instance price for recycling your old mobile.

All you need to do is enter your phone details into the search bar, find the best price (don’t forget to look at the buyer reviews), you’ll then receive an envelope in the post and you simply post it off to the chosen buyer, and hey presto, money for your old mobile!!

As well as the additional cash you’ll get for your mobile, there are also massive environmental benefits. The government estimates that the carbon footprint of this nation will be greatly reduced by recycling schemes such as this one.

All of our mobile phone recycling companies will recycle your phones according to the department of environment rules. Most of the phones will be dismantled for components or re-conditioned and sold on – up to 85% of mobiles are recyclable. Reports suggest us Brits discard around 15 million handsets per year, it only makes sense to help the planet and your wallet!

So enter your mobile phone make and model in the search box and see how much money you can get for your old mobile.